excerpt from 'Journal entry, 22 June 1814' pp. 229 (218 words)

excerpt from 'Journal entry, 22 June 1814' pp. 229 (218 words)

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Journal entry, 22 June 1814

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On Monday … [w]e all dined early at my sister’s, and dressed there for White’s ball at Burlington House. I wore violet coloured satin, richly trimmed with gold, feathers and diamonds. We went about nine o’clock and found the house and courtyard brilliantly illuminated, one seemed to drive into a blaze of light. The rooms were all temporary ones, and quite beautiful, the ball room hung with pink calico, not many lamps, but waxlights in beautiful chandeliers. There were twelve stewards with black wands, and Limerick was one of them. About eleven the Regent arrived, God save the King was played, and the stewards cleared the way, and formed a lane along which the procession passed. It would be impossible to describe all the Princes and Grandees of different nations who were present. The Emperor of Russia is a fine-looking man and seems good humored and lively. He danced country dances and waltzes. The King of Prussia looks grave, melancholy, and interesting. They say he has never recovered the death of his wife. He walked about scarcely talking to anyone, his eyes wandering about, but apparently resting on no one. He seemed to enjoy nothing. His brother and two sons were there, the latter good looking boys of seventeen or eighteen.

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excerpt from 'Journal entry, 22 June 1814' pp. 229 (218 words)


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