excerpt from 'Journal entry, 2 October 1835' pp. 86 (239 words)

excerpt from 'Journal entry, 2 October 1835' pp. 86 (239 words)

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Journal entry, 2 October 1835

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We arrived at Quarley about four, and, according to the feeling and roaring of my ‘chitterlings,’ I guess it must have been near eight o'clock before we sat down to a grand dinner, which had waited long for the return of the chasseurs and their light bag of game. Nothing could be more kind or hospitable than the friendly treatment of our host and hostess; indeed we were so regaled as to be unfit for music in any other way than for merriment; and, had we not ‘fought shy,’ should have ‘all been drunk together.’ After a batch of rattling play, jolly singing, buffoonery, waltzing, quadrilling, and joke cracking, we proposed ringing for our vehicles, and were thought quite unsociable for ‘cutting our sticks’ so early as a quarter past one o'clock. Up drove our carriages, escorted by a party of men with flambeaux, which was headed by the Squire himself, and he ran with us very fast till we got through a new cut to the turnpike road. I should observe that the shipping and starting of the cargo was worthy of a picture by Hogarth, what with the music, changing of clothes, fiddle, guitar, and all such like; while my mouth was alternately occupied in blowing a mail horn and puffing a cigar, and my two hands in full occupation to put life into the brewer's ‘prad.’

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excerpt from 'Journal entry, 2 October 1835' pp. 86 (239 words)


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