excerpt from 'About Myself, 1863–1930' pp. 24–26 (250 words)

excerpt from 'About Myself, 1863–1930' pp. 24–26 (250 words)

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About Myself, 1863–1930

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In the winter months, from about nine years old until I was thirteen, we would have our small troupe of lads doing our Christmas sketches. There would be five or six of us lads, ranging in age from nine to fourteen, assemble in one another’s homes or in one of the coal or other outhouses, and with the aid of candles do our rehearsals.  The usual set piece was “St. George and the Dragon,” and as the characters were more numerous than our troupe, I took two of them. It was grand to dress up in old clothes, with tin swords, brooms and shovels as implements, and we enjoyed it whether our listeners did or not.




There were one or two of us who would give special recitations or songs. My songs included, ‘Just before the Battle, Mother,’ and ‘Cheer, Boys, Cheer.’  […]


Our turns would take about one hour at each place. Our chief one was the village public-house, where we would attend on several occasions. The others were in neighbours’ houses, farm-houses near to, and we would attend in the season about thirty houses, including the kitchens of two well-to-do folks’ houses. One season, when we shared up, we had Is. 4d. apiece, but as we had each drawn a bit on account, the final share out was fourpence apiece. It was a glorious adventurous time, going out with a lantern to a remote farmer’s house and enjoying ourselves and being regaled with oranges, cheese, cakes, etc.

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excerpt from 'About Myself, 1863–1930' pp. 24–26 (250 words)


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