excerpt from 'My Life and Times, or An Old Man's Memories' pp. 8 (285 words)

excerpt from 'My Life and Times, or An Old Man's Memories' pp. 8 (285 words)

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My Life and Times, or An Old Man's Memories

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On June 28, 1838, was the Coronation of H.M. Queen Victoria. The scholars from the National School, Crawshawbooth, walked in procession with two bands of music, and banners flying in great profusion. Each scholar had a medal attached to a piece of blue-ribbon and hung from the neck. On arriving at “All Saints Church,” Goodshaw, a service commenced, but as we were nearing the time for the sermon, Mr. Boddy, the clergyman, discovered that he had left his sermon at home, so by way of filling up the breach he gave notice for the choir to sing two hymns whilst he went home for his notes. The hymns sung were, “Before Jehovah's Awful Throne;” and another one to the “Old Hundreth” [sic] tune. Now Mr. Boddy was a lodger at Miss Haworth's Crawshawbooth, opposite the National School, and to his dismay when he arrived there, he found the house locked up. Miss Haworth had gone to Mrs Butterworth's, Sunnyside House, to await the arrival of the scholars. So Mr. Boddy was obliged to enter the house through a window in order to get his notes. As he entered the church on his return, the last verse of the second hymn was being sung. The day was a hot one, and the race there and back had very much exhausted him, taking all the vim out of him, as he entered the church by the back door and went straight to the three decker pulpit, and got through the sermon with some difficulty. When the service was over, we fell into our ranks again, and visited Sunnyside House and Crawshaw Hall, where we received oranges etc, and returned in procession to the school for coffee and buns.

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excerpt from 'My Life and Times, or An Old Man's Memories' pp. 8 (285 words)


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