excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 208 (165 words)

excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 208 (165 words)

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Word was getting around that Louis [Armstrong] was a good trumpet player. So, one night Freddie Keppard came in to hear us.  The bandstand was down low and Freddie stood there by the bandstand and he listened a while, and then said to Louis, “Boy, let me have your trumpet.” So, Louis looked at me and I bowed my head, so Louis gave him the trumpet. So, Freddie, he blew – oh, he blew and he blew and he blew and then the people gave him a nice hand. Then he handed the trumpet back to Louis. And I said, “Now, get him, get him!” Ooh, never in my life have I heard such trumpet playing! If you want to hear Louis play, just hear him play when he’s angry. Boy, he blew and people started standing up on top of tables and chairs screaming, and Freddie eased out real slowly. Nobody ever asked Louis for his trumpet again.

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excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 208 (165 words)


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