excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 208 (120 words)

excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 208 (120 words)

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Freddy Keppard was playin’ in a spot across the street and was drawin’ all the crowds. I was sittin’ at the piano, and Joe Oliver came over to me and commanded in the nervous, harsh voice, “Get in B-flat.” I did, and Joe walked out on the sidewalk, lifted his horn to his lips, and blew the most beautiful stuff I have ever heard. People started pouring out of the other spots along the street to see who was blowing all that horn.  Before long, our place was full and Joe came in smiling, and said, “Now, that _______ won’t bother me no more". From then on, our place was full every night.

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excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 208 (120 words)


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