excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 302-3 (114 words)

excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 302-3 (114 words)

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I was playing tenor and Bird was playing third. And they had a juggler who had music, but it was “Tico-Tico,” and he wanted it at a very rapid speed. It was so fast the first man couldn't play it. Bird said, “Play it over for me a couple of times.” The guy played it over for him slowly, and then he started playing it, and he played it for the rest of the week. It got faster and faster, and the faster it got, the more improvisations he put on it. It was just like taking a saxophone lesson listening to him play this. He was a marvellous musician.

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excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 302-3 (114 words)


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