excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 279 (126 words)

excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 279 (126 words)

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There was a guy there, I think he was a little effeminate, that lived there. He was a bartender or something, and he played piano. He was a traditionalist. The pure chords, you know, one, three, five chords. Art would upset him so badly sometimes. Art would tell me, “Say, watch John. Watch what I'm going to do.”

So he would start playing Danny Boy. This was one of this guy’s favorite tunes. He'd start playing it and then about four bars in, he'd hit one of these outrageous chords and this guy would say, “Art, you boob, you don't even know the chords.”

And Art would die. He would just laugh, you know. Had a tremendous sense of humor.

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excerpt from 'Jazz Anecdotes' pp. 279 (126 words)


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