excerpt from 'My Musical Life' pp. 528 (151 words)

excerpt from 'My Musical Life' pp. 528 (151 words)

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My Musical Life

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The Niebelung's Ring closes with the "Dusk of the Gods” The truly prodigious way in which all the leading subjects are repeated, inverted and worked up in the music of this last colossal drama cannot be described. The Wotan Melody perhaps the finest blown on trumpets outside the theatre, rang out far over hill and dale, and floated like an ominous blast to the town below. At the familiar sound the people flock to their seats in the theatre. The first melodies of the Rheingold break from the orchestra, and the Norns or Fates are seen weaving the last of their ropes ; they see as they weave the story of Siegfried and Briinnhilde they see the gods growing old they trace the history of Wotan's earth love they start with horror as they at last see the flames rising in a vision round Walhalla. The rope breaks; the Norns vanish.

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excerpt from 'My Musical Life' pp. 528 (151 words)


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