excerpt from 'My Musical Life' pp. 44 (91 words)

excerpt from 'My Musical Life' pp. 44 (91 words)

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My Musical Life

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I had a good deal of orchestral practice at Brighton. The Symphony Society that met at the Pavilion, Brighton. was never very strong, but we blazed away at the principle overtures, "Der Freyschiitz," "Ma- saniello," "Figaro," "Dame Blanche," “Cheval de Bronze”; we shuffled through HAYDN'S symphonies, and scrambled over MOZART'S "Jupiter" and BEETHOVEN'S 8th, very much to our own satisfaction. I remember the disgust of OURY when an enterprising amateur let off a pistol behind the platform to reinforce the sudden explosion on the drum in the Surprise movement.

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excerpt from 'My Musical Life' pp. 44 (91 words)


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