excerpt from 'Look after the little ones' pp. 20 (201 words)

excerpt from 'Look after the little ones' pp. 20 (201 words)

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Look after the little ones

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We were very fortunate in having an exceptionally fine Mother and a good Father too, although we saw so little [of] him except on Saturdays and Sundays. However, we were a Baptist family so as soon as we could make the long trip into the centre of the town where the Baptist church was built, off we went on Sunday mornings. 


The pews looked to us children rather like large boxes into which we were shut by a door but there were hassocks on which we could stand. No fidgeting was allowed and sometimes the sermons seemed very long. However, we did love singing and joined in all we could. Having learned the alphabet and simple words before going to school, it was surprising how much reading we learned by just joining in the singing with a hymn book opened at the right page. 


And then of course every Sunday evening we had hymn singing at home and Father taught us the simple hymns so rarely heard nowadays [1970s]—“Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam” and “Jesus loves me this I know”. I’ve never forgotten them and used to sing them to my children. 

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excerpt from 'Look after the little ones' pp. 20 (201 words)


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