excerpt from 'Public House Case at Llandrillo' pp. 3 (360 words)

excerpt from 'Public House Case at Llandrillo' pp. 3 (360 words)

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Public House Case at Llandrillo

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I recollect Thursday, the 5th March. I was on duty near the Ship Hotel. It would be about 8.30, and I was on my way to a conference point at Mochdre in company with P.C. Pugh, who has been in the service about eight years. We turned into the Ship Hotel. When I got into the lobby I could hear singing. I went into the kitchen, and immediately I opened the door, the singing stopped. I found the four defendants, and another man - William Roberts  - in the kitchen. They were drunk and there was a glass of ale before each of them. I looked at each of the men carefully, and called the landlady's attention to their drunken state. I said, "These five men are drunk," and also told her that some of them had been refused at the Imperial and Central Hotel, Colwyn Bay, about 6.30. In addressing those words to the landlady, I pointed to Robert Jones, Edward Williams, and William Roberts. The landlady remarked, "I know they are drunk, Mr Jones, but I have ordered them to go out after they finished drinking their beer, and singing that song." I then took their names, taking that of William Roberts first, Edward Williams next, Robert Jones next, William Price next, and Hugh Jones last. Williams was standing on his feet. Robert Jones and William Price also got up, and William Roberts was leaning over the settle. They all gave me their names with the exception of Price, who declined for some time. He did give me his name, but not what his profession was. Edward Williams tried to drink out of his glass the second time, but failed, and put it back on the table. He said "I have paid for this glass, why can't I drink it?" Robert Jones drank his beer, and walked out staggering. Edward Williams followed, and Price got up and made for the back of the premises. He too was staggering. The other defendants - Hugh Jones and William Roberts - remained in the same position as they were when I first saw them. I advised the landlady to get them out.

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excerpt from 'Public House Case at Llandrillo' pp. 3 (360 words)


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