excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (163 words)

excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (163 words)

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Interview with Alfred Deahl

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The old Palace Theatre in Southampton […] - the music hall from the chairman days – became the Variety Theatre.  And the turns used to come on.  They were numbered and the number of the turn was shown on a board at the side of the stage at the foot of the proscenium and, um, the whole programme consisted of these different turns, sometimes short, some were the main turns, and, er, they were very good – Vesta Tilley, Sam Mayo, Mark Sheridan – […] George Formby senior, father of George who played ‘The Banjo Lady’ […] And, er, Marie Lloyd, of course.  I saw her.  Oh, she, er, she was funny, she was funny.  She used to sing that song about, er, ‘I used to […] sit […] among the cabbages and peas’, […] and then afterward they protested and the Lord Chamberlain wouldn’t allow it so, um, she sang the song again the next night and instead of saying that, she sang ‘I sat among the cabbages and leeks’.

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excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (163 words)


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