excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (157 words)

excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (157 words)

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Interview with Alfred Deahl

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I always remember, it used to be in this theatre, the old Grand Theatre, Southampton, so bloody cold in winter.  And I always remember when the grand operas came round, their conductor – generally a German, foreigner – and we were playing, rehearsing Lohengrin, and it starts off with the strings playing all harmonics, which is played by the finger resting lightly on the string in the exact position to produce a note.  There are several natural harmonics and also harmonics called artificial harmonics, which are played by pressing the first finger down on the string and bringing the fourth finger down and you get the double octave of the note you were playing with the first finger.  And we started off with artificial harmonics, and it was cold, and you never heard such a bloody row in all your life!  And the conductor, he threw his arms up, helpless: ‘Gentlemen!  Again!’  And eventually we used to manage it. 

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excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (157 words)


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