excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (277 words)

excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (277 words)

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Interview with Alfred Deahl

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Alfred Deahl:  I did three and a half years cruising, playing the violin.  All over the world I went, and er, yes, three and a half years.  Northern capitals, the fjords, the West Indies, New York in the early, er, gangster days, early twenties […]


Paula James: Did you get to play music you liked?  I know on board ship you had to play a lot of dance music that drove you …


AD: Oh, I hated the dance.  I never danced, but I used to play for the dances, of course.  Hated it!  Well, I detested dances.  Hated it.


PJ: But you could play some things you liked, on board ship?


AD: Oh, we used to play overtures, and we used to play concert pieces.  We used to play some good stuff, very good stuff indeed. Yeah, oh, yeah.  That’s when that woman – I told you this –


PJ: Go on!


AD: I was playing, with just the trio – er, no, five of us – there was, um, two violins, cello, double bass, piano, drums – and, um, playing, I think it was only a waltz or something, but I was playing away there – we used to play at the top of the stairs, the big staircase leading down to the dining saloon, er, lunchtime – playing there.  All of a sudden, two arms came round my neck, and a voice from behind, and a voice whispered into my ear, ‘You play lovely!  Play more!’  And these other buggers were so helpless with laughter they could hardly play, and they – the buggers would never tell me who it was.  So I never know to this day who the devil it was!

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excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (277 words)


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