excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (116 words)

excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (116 words)

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Interview with Alfred Deahl

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[Alfred Deahl reminisces about his sister Irene, who was a fine pianist and musical director at the Kingsland Cinema in Southampton] 

Alfred Deahl: [S]he was a fine musician.  Like my Dad, they were born musicians.  Wonderful ear.  Improvise, oh my God, they could improvise!  I could never do that.  I wasn’t good enough for that.  But I could play. 

Paula James: You said she used to chat to a friend while she was playing. 

AD: Oh, she’d talk all the way while she was playing!  I used to hear her talking to the violinist!  She was amazing!  And she’d improvise, fill in bits, you know, waiting for the cue, and, er, fantastic!

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excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (116 words)


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