excerpt from 'Letters of the Evans-Pughe family' (210 words)

excerpt from 'Letters of the Evans-Pughe family' (210 words)

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Letters of the Evans-Pughe family

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TO: The Rev. J and Mrs. Evans-Pughe, Tovil Vicarage, Maidstone, Kent

FROM: John Evans-Pughe, College of St. Nicholas, Chislehurst, Kent

POSTMARK: 29 March 1939

Dear Mummy and Daddy

Thank you very much for the letters.  It will be quite safe to send Tom’s cake, if you put a label on the parcel with “Perishable” written on it….

…On Friday night (Boy’s service) the organ motor didn’t work properly.  When the chant was being played over sometimes it played just the treble and alto, other times Bass only, other times just the underneath parts, and all kinds of different combinations, but usually it left out the treble.  Everybody was bursting with laughter, especially Mr. Barnes; nobody could sing; you just heard a few notes from one or two of us now and then, and then everyone kept bursting out with laughter and had to stop.  It was too funny for words,  and it was a blind man playing, and he kept trying to tell Mr. Barnes that it wouldn’t play, but Mr. Barnes was laughing too much to answer.  The Chaplain told us to say the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, and Mr. Barnes went out to switch off the organ…

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excerpt from 'Letters of the Evans-Pughe family' (210 words)


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