excerpt from 'Lies: A Diary 1986-1999' (105 words)

excerpt from 'Lies: A Diary 1986-1999' (105 words)

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Lies: A Diary 1986-1999

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Trekked north with JH to a vast gymnasium near Columbia University, the only venue (as it's said today) sufficient to stage the première of Boulez's Répons... A few healthy boos would have been in keeping. Not that Répons was all that bad. I rather liked it, but for quite different reasons than what Boulez doubtless thinks is in it. It was ornamental, amusing, kind of sugar, thoroughly non-intellectual, utterly sensual, completely derivative, right in the tradition of French Impressionism and (with those flashing lights and cooing females) the Folies-Bergère. He's not a charlatan, though anything that lavish is suspect, including Wagner.

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excerpt from 'Lies: A Diary 1986-1999' (105 words)


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