excerpt from 'Training for funerals' pp. 8 (147 words)

excerpt from 'Training for funerals' pp. 8 (147 words)

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Training for funerals

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The first time I heard singing at a Welsh funeral I was greatly impressed. The people sang as they walked in the irregular procession. It did not seem to matter what part of the hymn the people were singing, it all harmonized. It is stated in one of the newspapers that next summer a singing festival is to be held in a central place when hymns suitable for funeral services are to be sung under the conductor-ship of a leading Welsh musician. Just think of it. One funeral hymn after another for two or three hours! The enjoyment will be intense. If I might express an opinion, it would be that the singing is good enough already at Welsh funerals, and that it is in other directions reform is needed. I do not think I want a ticket for the funeral tune singing festival. Festival, mind you! 

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excerpt from 'Training for funerals' pp. 8 (147 words)


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