excerpt from 'Lettters of the Evans-Pughe family' (178 words)

excerpt from 'Lettters of the Evans-Pughe family' (178 words)

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Lettters of the Evans-Pughe family

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TO: The Rev. J and Mrs. Evans-Pughe, Tovil Vicarage, Maidstone, Kent

FROM: John Evans-Pughe, ON ACTIVE SERVICE, Cairo, Egypt, 14073964 Signals section, C.S.D.I.C.

DATE: Tuesday 26th [month?] 1946

…I might be able to buy some sort of suit out here, or I should say in about 2 months time, because I’ve just purchased a brand new violin complete with case and bow for about £8…whether I shall be able to collect it depends entirely on the behaviour of the students in Cairo.  They are behaving rather awkwardly at the moment, agitating against the government…

I enclose program of concert I went to at “Music for All Club” on Saturday; All the players except ‘Hoenner’ (?) are German Prisoners.  There is also a Symphony orchestra, here comprised of German prisoners.  They give very very good performances.  The club is marked on the map I sent you.  The first two items were very very good.  The pianist was very good, but I didn’t like the piece he played….

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excerpt from 'Lettters of the Evans-Pughe family' (178 words)


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