excerpt from 'Journal entry, 1 June 1830' pp. 387 (154 words)

excerpt from 'Journal entry, 1 June 1830' pp. 387 (154 words)

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Journal entry, 1 June 1830

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In the evening looked into the Church and Piazza of San Lorenzo in Lucina. The church is hung with drapery, adorned with statues, and illuminated by innumerable wax candles. The piazza is illuminated too, and drapery hung out from the windows. There were crowds of people, lines of chairs, and boys bawling to the people to come and sit upon them; others selling lemonade, others the life and exploits of the saint on penny papers; a band of military music on a scaffolding, and guards patroling about. Between the intervals of the band the bells, in discordant chorus, regaled ‘the ears of the groundlings.’ This strange, discordant scene, the foundation of which is religious, but which has but little of the appearance of religion in it, lasts eight successive days, and costs a vast sum of money—they say 9,000 scudi–the greatest part of which is furnished by the Government.

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excerpt from 'Journal entry, 1 June 1830' pp. 387 (154 words)


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