excerpt from 'Reminiscences of Michael Kelly' pp. 242 (156 words)

excerpt from 'Reminiscences of Michael Kelly' pp. 242 (156 words)

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Reminiscences of Michael Kelly

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Some time previous to my retirement from Drury Lane stage, I had made Madame 
Catalani a promise to accompany her, for the second time, to Dublin. I set off
with them on the 1st of August, 1808; she was engaged by Mr. Jones, on similar
terms to those she received on her first engagement there; mine, too, were the
same. Signer Siboni and Signor Spagnoletti were also engaged. We had to perform
two grand serious operas, "La Mitridate," and "La Didone Abbandonata," in both
of which Madame Catalani exerted herself beyond her former efforts; but "La
Didone" was her triomphe, both as an actress and a singer. Siboni performed the
haughty larbas, the Moorish king; and I, the pious Eneas. After performing six
nights in Dublin, we proceeded to give six performances at Cork. The Cork
audience are passionately fond of music, and Catalani's reception was
enthusiastic; and I experienced the most hospitable reception from numerous

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excerpt from 'Reminiscences of Michael Kelly' pp. 242 (156 words)


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