excerpt from 'Reminiscences of Michael Kelly' pp. 73 (137 words)

excerpt from 'Reminiscences of Michael Kelly' pp. 73 (137 words)

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Reminiscences of Michael Kelly

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I feel much pleasure in recording here an anecdote, which must prove highly gratifying to a young lady, now engaged at Drury Lane Theatre, as well as to her friends. When Miss Wilson appeared at Drury Lane Theatre, in "Artaxerxes," Mr. Elliston wished me to hear her, and give him my opinion of her. I was, at the time, too ill with the gout, to be able to attend the theatre. My old and valued friend, Madame Mara, was then in London. I wrote to her to call upon me, and requested her to go and hear Miss Wilson, to give me her true and candid opinion of her abilities, as I could not go myself; and after the performance, to return to me, and make her report ; which she did, and a favourable one it was.

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excerpt from 'Reminiscences of Michael Kelly' pp. 73 (137 words)


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