excerpt from 'Reminiscences of Michael Kelly' pp. 78-79 (182 words)

excerpt from 'Reminiscences of Michael Kelly' pp. 78-79 (182 words)

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Reminiscences of Michael Kelly

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Aprile had the goodness to appropriate a comfortable apartment in his house to my use, and I determined to make the best of my time, and the favourable opportunities which presented themselves. I studied between five and six hours every day, with the greatest assiduity ; my voice fell gradually into a tenor, and in a short time I could execute several songs which had been composed for [t]wo celebrated tenors of that day, Ansani and David. I delivered the letters of introduction which I brought from Naples, and was generally well re-ceived by those to whom I delivered them, particularly by the Duke St. Michele, and the Prince Val Guarniera ; with these noble and kind friends, I was permitted to pass much of my time. The Duchess St. Michele was accomplished and beau-tiful, and sang delightfully...The Palermitans are all fond of music, and every evening there was an Accademia di Musica held at some private house. I was usually invited to these : to be the scholar of Aprile, and an Irish-man, were sufficient ; but I was besides considered a Christian.

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excerpt from 'Reminiscences of Michael Kelly' pp. 78-79 (182 words)


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