excerpt from 'Lionel Bradley Bulletin, 2 Jan 1939 (evening)' (217 words)

excerpt from 'Lionel Bradley Bulletin, 2 Jan 1939 (evening)' (217 words)

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Lionel Bradley Bulletin, 2 Jan 1939 (evening)

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Jan 2. Kingsway Theatre, An Elephant in Arcady

It seems proper to record here that a second visit was a pleasurable as the first. Perhaps to one who was better acquainted with the originals of the 18th Century songs used in the productions some of the modifications might be unacceptable. [Frederick] Ranalow was in good voice (considering his age), Irene Eisinger charmed me as always, and Edmund Donlevy both in voice and action showed once more that he may well prove to be a light comedian of the highest rank. I don’t know how his voice would sound in an opera house & with a full orchestra but it will be a great pity if he wastes himself on the trivialities of musical comedy. There had been a few unimportant changes of caste since November & to-night in Geoffrey Dunn’s absence Ortensio was sung by Charles Peters, with a little less voice and a manner & face not quite so comic. The whole production – with the Stevenson décor, the small but efficient orchestra & the groupings by Andrée Howard – is a most prais[e]worthy attempt to give the public something that is both tasteful & out of the ordinary. And the Farjeon's [sic] have a real genius for the composition of witty & singable verse.

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excerpt from 'Lionel Bradley Bulletin, 2 Jan 1939 (evening)' (217 words)


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