excerpt from 'Jimmy Glover, His Book' pp. 189 (129 words)

excerpt from 'Jimmy Glover, His Book' pp. 189 (129 words)

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Jimmy Glover, His Book

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This reminds me of Aynsley Cook the great Carl Rosa buffo-vocalist and the late Mr. Sankey of Moody and Sankey, and once famous Evangelists. Many people are not aware that at least one of these Evangelists was a vocalist in a minstrel entertainment in America many years before they came to England on their religious mission. They came to Liverpool on their great campaign, and at a time when Aynsley Cook, as the Baron in "The Babes of the Wood," was singing a topical song called "It's a fraud." Cook I certainly think unwisely brought in the Moody and Sankey movement, ending with the gag-words "It's a fraud." This brought on an acrimonious newspaper warfare, and Aynsley Cook's disclosures in self-defence of the burnt-cork attributes of the popular Evangelist.

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excerpt from 'Jimmy Glover, His Book' pp. 189 (129 words)


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