excerpt from 'The Welsh Folk-Song Society' pp. 314 (186 words)

excerpt from 'The Welsh Folk-Song Society' pp. 314 (186 words)

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The Welsh Folk-Song Society

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The first Society that was ever formed with the prime object of collecting and singing Welsh Folk-songs was a small Society of Students at the Bangor University College... The little group of Students called themselves 'Y CANORION'... At that time our professional Welsh musicians pooh-poohed the whole thing. It was said and written that all important Welsh airs were already known, and that in any case the chief interest of Folk Music was antiquarian. If I may make a personal confession - it was in one of these College functions held in the grounds of the old College that I first fully realised the significance of the work in which we were engaged. A Brass Band was playing in the grounds, but as is usual in such places, conversation filled the air. Our small group of 'CANORION' assembled quietly under a tree and started singing. There was a sudden hush. The guests drew nearer. Tune after tune were sung; and it was with difficulty that we were allowed to leave off. Then it was that the real power of the Folk-song first revealed itself to me. 

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excerpt from 'The Welsh Folk-Song Society' pp. 314 (186 words)


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