excerpt from 'In Pursuit of Music' pp. 49 (140 words)

excerpt from 'In Pursuit of Music' pp. 49 (140 words)

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In Pursuit of Music

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[…] ever since my initiation I had been an avid follower of the London Proms […] a ‘live’ one, maybe two or three, became an annual treat, to be looked forward to for months.  Sometimes I was joined by Michael Poultney, a son of old friends of my mother’s […] his taste and knowledge were more advanced than my own.  Szigeti was one of his heroes, and I shall never forget this wonderfully sensitive and cultured artist’s playing of the Beethoven and the Brahms violin concertos; nor Oda Slobodskaya’s singing of Wagner as well as the Russian music that was her speciality; nor Maggie Teyte at the opening night of the fortieth season in 1934, when we queued all day in order to get to the very front of the ‘prom’.    

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excerpt from 'In Pursuit of Music' pp. 49 (140 words)


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