excerpt from 'In Pursuit of Music' pp. 27 (129 words)

excerpt from 'In Pursuit of Music' pp. 27 (129 words)

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In Pursuit of Music

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Meanwhile [it was] decided that once I had passed my School Certificate I should be allowed a certain amount of time off for music during school hours. This was unprecedented, and the favouritism was resented by one or two of my class-mates, who considered any music short of Henry Hall or Harry Roy, the ‘pop’ band-leaders of the day, as a mad aberration not to be encouraged.  In retaliation I began proselytising and won quite a few converts to the serious cause.  If I bullied, dragging my heretic friends to the nearest piano and making them listen to Bach and Beethoven, I excuse my presumption in retrospect on the grounds that a successful musician must needs be both propagandist and defence counsel for the composers he loves.  

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excerpt from 'In Pursuit of Music' pp. 27 (129 words)


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