excerpt from 'Musings & memories of a musician' pp. 53 (157 words)

excerpt from 'Musings & memories of a musician' pp. 53 (157 words)

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Musings & memories of a musician

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An opportunity of thanking His Royal Highness personally for his kindness presented itself soon, for the Emperor had commanded a morning performance of Handel's Hercules, under Joachim, to take place at the White Hall of the Royal Castle in Berlin, with the Chorus of the Royal High School of Music, which was still in its early youth then, and in which the Emperor took a great personal interest. The performance, in which Mme. Joachim took the part of Dejanira and I that of her ill-fated lord, was a very interesting occasion, the audience consisting only of the Emperor, the Crown Prince and Princess, and some generals and Court officials with their wives. The Emperor seemed much pleased, and at the end had all the soloists presented to him. This was the only time I personally met that aged monarch, and the kind and sweet expression in the dear old fatherly face made a deep impression on me.

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excerpt from 'Musings & memories of a musician' pp. 53 (157 words)


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