excerpt from 'Living in the lane' pp. 8 (122 words)

excerpt from 'Living in the lane' pp. 8 (122 words)

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Living in the lane

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[The Twelve Little Sunbeams were Jean Court’s schoolmates who regularly performed in local pantomime in the Bristol area]


After Christmas mother took us to the theatre to see the pantomime. We queued for ages to get into the cheaper seats in the gallery but it was worth it. [...]  I couldn’t wait to see the [Twelve Little] Sunbeams and when they danced on I nearly fainted with joy. I felt so proud of them and pointed out my favourite to mother. The looked the picture of daintiness as they sang:

“Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle,

What if the raindrops sprinkle

Tie a little bell to a dancing shoe

And the sun will shine.” 

Oh I did love those children. 

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excerpt from 'Living in the lane' pp. 8 (122 words)


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