excerpt from 'Living in the lane' pp. 3 (190 words)

excerpt from 'Living in the lane' pp. 3 (190 words)

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Living in the lane

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In the summer grandpa would go to the front room while [mother tidied his bedroom] and play his gramaphone [sic]. He had a collection of records in a cupboard near the window and the gramaphone was old fashioned with a large horn. It had to be rewound for each record. Grandpa was almost blind and as he could not see which record was which he just played them as they came to hand. There were many small boxes of gramaphone needles in the cupboard drawer and I’m sure he didn’t know which were new needles and which were old as he never threw any away. He had some weird records, some of which mother loathed like The Laughing Policeman and Casey at the Dentists. Mother bought a record once, one of Gracie Fields singing Sally but grandpa didn’t like that one and somehow it got broken. I remember one dreary record called the ‘Rosary’ in which a convent bell chimed throughout whilst a shaky female voice intoned ‘each bead a pearl, each pearl a prayer (dong)’ it was really awful. 

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excerpt from 'Living in the lane' pp. 3 (190 words)


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