excerpt from 'Letters of the Evans-Pughe Family' (167 words)

excerpt from 'Letters of the Evans-Pughe Family' (167 words)

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Letters of the Evans-Pughe Family

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TO: The Rev. J and Mrs. Evans-Pughe, Tovil Vicarage, Maidstone, Kent

FROM: John Evans-Pughe, M.E.L.F. Cairo, Egypt

DATE: 31st December 1946

….I can’t remember whether I sent you the other programme of the concert we did at Music for all on a Sunday evening.  The last programme of “Ancient Music” that we did last Friday was much too ancient and we had 35 players on the stage and 35 listeners in the audience.  But we gave almost the same programme at a Methodist Church on Sunday 29th and it was enjoyed very much.  Handel’s Organ Concerto is great fun, especially the last movement – the Bourrée. I took an A.T.S. girl with me to the Thursday night P.O.W Symphony Concert. We got there in time for the first performance of the Dvorak, but we liked it so much that we stayed to the end of the second half and heard it all over again…. 

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excerpt from 'Letters of the Evans-Pughe Family' (167 words)


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