excerpt from 'Letters of the Evans-Pughe Family' (136 words)

excerpt from 'Letters of the Evans-Pughe Family' (136 words)

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Letters of the Evans-Pughe Family

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TO: The Rev. J and Mrs. Evans-Pughe, Tovil Vicarage, Maidstone, Kent

FROM: John Evans-Pughe, College of St. Nicholas, Chislehurst, Kent

POSTMARK: 12 Feb 1939

Dear Mummy and Daddy

I have decided that it is not really worth getting a violin case yet, and in any case I would much prefer something else…I think the only thing that will be of any use to me is a fountain pen, but a cheap one.

We have just been listening to the records of the Broadcast; the silly part about them is that every time we had sung loud the B.B.C. had turned us down a good bit and it would rather spoil the effect.  The anthem is the best one.  Are you going to buy any of the records when they are ready to be sold?

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excerpt from 'Letters of the Evans-Pughe Family' (136 words)


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