excerpt from 'Journal entry, 8 October 1812' pp. 189–190 (240 words)

excerpt from 'Journal entry, 8 October 1812' pp. 189–190 (240 words)

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Journal entry, 8 October 1812

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On Tuesday morning, a little after seven, James Knox and I set off for the Election in my barouche. We took four horses from Waltham Cross to make a figure, and adorned with blue favors made a very fine one. A crowd was gathered round the hustings. Everyone was most kindly interested for us. The state of the poll was brought me by some friend or other, every quarter of an hour. Mr. C[alvert] after the first start was always at the head of the poll, which was not closed till quite dark, when the returning officer declared the state as follows

Calvert          365

Cowper         316

Cranbourne  256

The two former were therefore declared duly elected. Mr. C. came forward and made a very good speech—well heard and much applauded—but as to Mr. Cowper they made such a noise with mingled groans and hisses that not one word could be heard, nor could I hear a word of Lord Cranbourne’s either. By this time it was so dark that it was not thought safe to chair them, as Lord C.’s mob was very riotous, so it was put off till the next morning. During the whole of the day, Lord C.’s mob was terribly noisy. He had a band of music and I was half deafened by the uproar. […] When we reached Hunsdon the bells were ringing merrily for our success.

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excerpt from 'Journal entry, 8 October 1812' pp. 189–190 (240 words)


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