excerpt from 'Musical Memories' pp. 39-40 (96 words)

excerpt from 'Musical Memories' pp. 39-40 (96 words)

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Musical Memories

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I had to wait two years before Carvalho would consent to hear the music. Finally, worn out by my importunities, they decided to get rid of me, so Carvalho invited me to dine with him and to bring my score. After dinner I went to the piano. Carvalho was on one side and Madame Carvalho on the other. Both were very pleasant and charming, but the real meaning of this friendliness did not escape me. They had no doubts about what awaited them. Both really loved music and little by little they fell under the spell.

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excerpt from 'Musical Memories' pp. 39-40 (96 words)


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