excerpt from 'Musical Memories' pp. 169 (127 words)

excerpt from 'Musical Memories' pp. 169 (127 words)

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This was the case with me when I saw Armide again in a city which I shall not name. The opera had been judged superannuated and had been "improved." A young composer had written a new score in which he inserted here and there such bits of Gluck as he thought worthy of being preserved. A costly and magnificently imbecile luxuriousness set off the whole piece. I may be pardoned the cruel adjective when I say that in the scene of Hate, so deeply inspired, and which takes place in a sort of cave, they relegated the chorus to the wings to make a place for dragons, fantastic birds beating their wings, and other deviltries. This, of course, deprived the chorus of all its power and distinction.

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excerpt from 'Musical Memories' pp. 169 (127 words)


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