excerpt from 'Musical Memories' pp. 43-44 (105 words)

excerpt from 'Musical Memories' pp. 43-44 (105 words)

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Musical Memories

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As there was no time to look for another dancer that season du Locle, to keep me patient, had me write with Louis Gallet La Princesse Jaune, with which I made my debut on the stage. I was thirty-five ! This harmless little work was received with the fiercest hostility. "It is impossible to tell," wrote Jouvin, a much feared critic of the time, "in what key or in what time the overture is written." And to show me how utterly wrong I was, he told me that the public was "a compound of angles and shadows." His prose was certainly more obscure than my music.

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excerpt from 'Musical Memories' pp. 43-44 (105 words)


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