excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 45 (160 words)

excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 45 (160 words)

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Their small corner

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Our organist was blind. He lived near me and called for me for choir practises [sic] and services. He never faltered on our steps and he said that I must not help him or go out to wait for him as it was good for him to find his own way. I sat by him in church and whispered to him “last verse” in each hymn. 


One morning when I was not paying attention the rector stopped in the Litany at the words “from Thy wrath”, and I thought that he had finished so I started to sing, “Good Lord deliver us.” The organist followed my lead and when I and one of the men had finished he gave me a pained look and finished the sentence “and from everlasting damnation.” I felt that the wrath of God was on me as we again sang “Good Lord deliver us.”

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excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 45 (160 words)


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