excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 1-2 (169 words)

excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 1-2 (169 words)

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Their small corner

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Those of us who were born early in this [twentieth] century have been privileged to live through many changes.  


Perhaps the most disappointing bit of progress is the loss of our romantic notions about the moon, for we no longer see “the man in the moon” since we have seen the men on the moon. 


 The rich man in his castle,

The poor man at his gate,

God made them high or lowly

And ordered their estate. 


 We have come a very long way since those words were written and accepted. 


We sang that verse with the same gusto that we sang the others. It is true that we just sang words never thinking what they meant, but had we thought about them in the early part of the century we should not have criticized them. The days had not yet come when people thought of class distinction and when education made them think about such things as upstairs and downstairs, or high or lowly estates. 

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excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 1-2 (169 words)


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