excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 47 (140 words)

excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 47 (140 words)

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Their small corner

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[The author sang in the church choir]


At home on Sundays were what I called the No-days. Everything could wait until Monday no matter how urgent. 

No singing of songs, no knitting, no mending, no gardening, no sewing, no whistling, no reading of anything except from the Bible or some religious book […] and it was for me church at 8am if there was a communion service, church at 11am, Sunday school at 3pm and again church at 6-30pm when often Father and Mother came too. After church some members of the choir came to our home and we sang around the piano while Father played the hymn tunes on his flutes. We each chose a hymn. Whenever I was asked to choose it was always “Fair waved the golden corn,” but I have no idea why.

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excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 47 (140 words)


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