excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 52-53 (155 words)

excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 52-53 (155 words)

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Their small corner

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[The hugely popular 1877 hymn collection Sacred Songs and Solos by the evangelicals Ira D. Sankey and Dwight L. Moody was popularly known as Sankey and Moody’s Songs]


In my earliest recollections I hear [my mother] singing in her lovely contralto voice in the early morning when I woke. As she worked the treadle sewing machine she sang Sanky [sic] and Moody hymns which she had sung so often when she was a member of the Methodist church. As she made Father’s shirts, and all the garments we wore the air was filled with the sounds of The Old Rugged Cross, We will gather at the river, Yes Jesus loves me. 

What a wonderful sound to awake to each day. 


In middle life she decided that she would be confirmed in the Church of England which she had attended with us so that at fifty she was confirmed in Gloucester Cathedral. 

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excerpt from 'Their small corner' pp. 52-53 (155 words)


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