excerpt from 'Musical letters from Abroad' pp. 34-35 (228 words)

excerpt from 'Musical letters from Abroad' pp. 34-35 (228 words)

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Musical letters from Abroad

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The omission to send the above by the last week’s mail, enables me to add a word in relation to the concert of last evening, the sixteenth of the season. Owing to the fact (I suppose) that there were several distinguished solo singers here, the first part of the concert consisted more of vocal music than usual. A chorus of men’s voices was also introduced, and large extracts were given from Cherubini’s opera of “Ali Baba," and from Rossini’s “Wilhelm Tell," also an aria from Don Juan by Mozart. Two overtures were admirably played, viz.: Leonore No. 2, Beethoven, and William Tell, Rossini. The fine chorus of men’s voices added much to the interest of the concert, but the principal piece was the charming A minor Symphony No. 3, by Mendelssohn. I have often heard this magnificent production of Mendelssohn performed at home, but it is no discredit to our orchestras to say that it is quite a different thing when given with the precision of the Gewandhaus orchestra. I will attempt no description; suffice it to say that it was the perfection of orchestral music — so soft and so loud, so melancholy and so joyful, so exciting and so soothing, so expressive and so effective — imagine it, ye who have no opportunity of hearing it.

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excerpt from 'Musical letters from Abroad' pp. 34-35 (228 words)

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