excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 290 (143 words)

excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 290 (143 words)

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Musical letters from Abroad

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We attended the Moravian church with the expectation of finding a cultivated state of psalmody, with perhaps motets, chants and anthems. We have long known of the musical works and efforts of Rev. Mr. Latrobe, Moravian minister, whose six volumes of Church music are very valuable, and also something of his son, who is the author of the very valuable volume known as “Latrobe on Church Music.” But the glory has departed from the Moravian chapel. The congregation was small, and the singing was drawled out very heavily. They have a small organ, poorly played; between every line was a transition passage, after the manner of some of the German churches. There was a small choir, but they attempted nothing further than to lead the congregation. The service was by a liturgy, but the responses were mostly said and not sung.

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excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 290 (143 words)


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