excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 193 (143 words)

excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 193 (143 words)

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Musical letters from Abroad

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From what we saw of comic singing, it seemed to be very evident that the Germans, or, at least, those assembled on this occasion, with all their musical culture, are more pleased with a really silly or foolish song, which includes a little monkey-like acting or gesticulation, than with a “Lied ohne Worte” by Mendelssohn, or a quartet or a symphonie by Beethoven. Good music is undoubtedly appreciated by a greater part, comparatively, of the people here, than in America; but if one may judge from appearances at this festival, the majority still prefer a good laugh to good music, and mere comic acting to classic song. We spoke to a German gentleman sitting near, and expressed our disappointment that such rapturous applause should be given to music so unworthy. “Ah!” said he, “that is German way.”

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excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 193 (143 words)


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