excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 99 (151 words)

excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 99 (151 words)

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Musical letters from Abroad

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We had an opportunity of attending only one Symphonic Concert, or “Grand Concert Serieux.” The orchestra was not large (three contrabasses with other instruments in proportion), yet they played well, and gave fine character to the Overtures to Don Juan by Mozart, Egmont by Beethoven, Ruy Blass by Mendelssohn, Jessonda by Spohr, and also Haydn’s Symphonie, G major No. 3. The orchestra of the Royal Opera House is of course excellent, and ranks with the best in Europe. Yet we did not see that it was much superior to that of the Leipzig Gewandhaus. It is somewhat larger, and its pianos are, perhaps, more piano, and its fortes more forte. The great points of excellence, as quality of tone, blending of the different instruments, Piano, Forte, Crescendo, Diminuendo, Sfortzando, Syncopation, &c., are most perfectly brought out, and the most fastidious hearer seems to be compelled to say, enough.

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excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 99 (151 words)


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