excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 131-2 (160 words)

excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 131-2 (160 words)

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Musical letters from Abroad

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[... W]e have had the unexpected pleasure of hearing [Mad. Sontag] again in the Bavarian capital [...] In Dresden, Breslau, Hamburg, Bremen, and other places, she has met with the warmest reception; and now, in Munich, she is receiving the highest approbation that can be bestowed. Increased prices, crowded houses, wreaths, bouquets and showers of flowers, greeting her whenever she appears, all testify to the high stand which she takes as an artist I have repeatedly seen her recalled after singing, three times, and even then the delighted multitude were hardly satisfied.


One cannot give attention to her singing without being delighted. To listen to her is like looking at the most beautifully variegated bouquet, or collection of flowers, that can be brought together; it is like the glittering plumage of the most brilliant of the feathered race; like the appearance of a thousand charming little girls of six years of age, wreathed with freshest roses, and dressed in purest white.

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excerpt from 'Musical letters from abroad' pp. 131-2 (160 words)


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