excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 19 (190 words)

excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 19 (190 words)

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Louis Spohr's Autobiography

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Our stay at Hamburgh lasted until June 6. Herr Dussek who was commissioned to arrange the concert at a festival with which the English living at Hamburgh were about to celebrate the 4th of June, in honour of their King, engaged Herr Eck to perform a violin concerto. It was not until the rehearsal which took place on the evening of June 3, at nine o’clock, that Herr Eck discovered that the concert was to be given in the open air, which, until then, had never been mentioned. A tent had been erected, in which the orchestra, about one hundred strong, was disposed on a terrace – like platform. Herr Dussek first tried a Cantata, composed by him for the occasion, and which, had an uncommon effect upon me; for not only was it well written and thoroughly well studied, but from the accompainment of a large organ which had been erected in the back ground of the orchestra and “from its being executed in the silence of the night, it partook of so solemn a character that I was quite charmed by it.” [from Spohr's diary, 6 June 1802.]

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excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 19 (190 words)


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