excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 199-200 (198 words)

excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 199-200 (198 words)

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Louis Spohr's Autobiography

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On the eve of taking leave of Vienna, I yet think I must recall some further incidents of my stay there, which hitherto I have had no opportunity of relating. First, in respect of orchestral duties. These were sometimes very onerous for me; the same piece being frequently represented twenty or thirty nights in succession. […] I endeavoured to sweeten the monotony of my duties in some degree by always enriching and ornamenting my soli performances. This I did especially with the troubadour in “John of Paris” for whom a pas de trois was introduced in that ballet. As in the opera of that name, there were three strophes, the first of which had to be executed by the horn, the second by the violincello, and the third by the violin, I at first ornamented my strophe in a very vocal style. But as I remarked, that the Prima Donna, demoiselle Buchweiser at the next representation had borne them well in mind, sang them, and obtained great applause for them, this so annoyed me, as I could not bear the singer, that I thenceforth ornamented them in a style she could not imitate with her voice.

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excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 199-200 (198 words)


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