excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 156-157 (180 words)

excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 156-157 (180 words)

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Louis Spohr's Autobiography

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But with poor Schwenke it fared worse than all. The waist-buckle of his pantaloons had given way during the dinner, without his being aware of it. When therefore he had mounted into the orchestra to take the Viol-part in a Pot-Pourri with Quartett-accompaniment which I played at the close of the Concert, shortly after he had begun to play, he felt his pantaloons begin to slip with every movement he made in bow-ing, Much too conscientious a Musician, to omit a note of his part, he patiently waited for the pauses, to pull up his nethergarment again. His predicament did not long escape the notice of the public, and occasioned considerable merriment. But towards the close of the Pot-Pourri, when a 1/16 movement shook him so roughly, that the downward tendency of his pantaloons made serious progress, and threatened to exceed the limits of propriety, the public could no longer restrain itself, and broke out into a general titter. By this untoward interruption of the execution of my Solo, I was thus dragged also, into the general calamity of the day.

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excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 156-157 (180 words)


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